A few weeks ago I found in the store I bought my usually supplies for the month like shampoo and such things this Carnival kit that Colorama released. The colors were made specifically for the kit and weren’t selle separetedly. Although I wasn’t entirelly thrilles with the entire set, I was crazy about Odalisa, wich was a flakie with and orangyed- red based color and Abre Alas  a Duochrome that looked to me to de similar to Adina.

I haven’t tried the duochrome yet, but I must say that I am very happy with Odalisca. Since I saw the set in the store I planned to used with a red almost orange jelly polish I already had, Red Cereja from Ludurana. So when I finally decided to try it yesterday, instead of just putting it over the layers of Red Cereja, I thought that I could try put one over the other, and well. It was a great idea! I hope you guys can see from my attempt at macro that,when the top flakies aren’t reflecting the lightYou can see some sort of golden shine from the flakies underneath. I end it up using three coats of each polish.

  • 19 March 2012