This is my Homage to Emily. It was hard to choose only one desing. Initially I thought of doing the mix and match gold and mint set, but hten I refound theses plaid ones and thought why not my the color with the design. Altough my plaid is not very neat [first time trying] I liked very much and will probably do another set with another color scheme when the month is over [so many great nail artists to honor!]

I like very much emily’s designs and she is one of the artist that I look forward to seeing what will come out next. I used as base for the thumb midle finger and pinky, Minty apple from Sinful Colors and 1.5mm silver studs. For the nail art I used Amavel from Ludurana, as Elemento from COlorama, Mint Apple and Mistletoe Kisses from CG.

I hope you guys liked it as mush as I did.

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  • 03 April 2012
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    OMG yay thanks so much for recreating one of my designs for homage month! I am so honoured you have no idea!!!
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