Soon after that very bright orange mani I put on this in your face kind of gradient. I had preivously already wore something similar and wanted to try it again. I used Packapunchpolish’s Tutorial as inspiration for this.

Logo depois daquela mani laranjona, usei esse gradiente nada discreto. Já havia usaod algo similar antes mas queria muito repetir. Usei o tutorial da Packapunchpolish como inspiração e para a tecnica.

I used Ocean Jewel frm Penelope Luz and Forest from Esmaltes da Kelly. I recomendthis kind of look when you want something different but not having to do quite a workout on each finger. What do you guys think? Let me know!

Usei o Ocean Jewel da Penélope Luz e o Forest, da Kelly. Recomendo esse tipo de mani quando se quise rum visual diferente sem precisar ter muito trabalho em cada dedo. O que vocês acharam? 

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  • 13 January 2013
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