Between the last mani and this one there was a couple of others that I wasn’t able to photograph to share with you guys. DUe to many thing sbetween my crazy week. But friday, to help brighten the day and sweeten the weekend to come I got in the mail my part of the swap with a very sweet friend from Portugal. She sent me many amazing polishes with different brands and bottles. The first one I choose was this one, #92 from one of the most traditional brands [as I’m told] called Andreia.

What can I say? I feel chic. Seriously. Altough not even clos eto dupe for Cleopatra from Deborah Lippmann, this polish is definetly on the same vibe. Very smooth application, I’m showing you two coats. Let me know what you guys think, alright?

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  • 28 January 2013
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